Stripe Tiered Billing Support

Recently Stripe rolled out a major update to their Billing product, which includes "tiered" billing.

Baremetrics now supports this use case across all our metrics.


Merge external data with your SaaS metrics for deeper insights.

Is the work of the sales rep driving growth? Do customers who contact support frequently have higher churn? What is the LTV of customers who have a high NPS score?

With Augmentation, you can connect an infinite number of dots to find important correlations with your data!

To get started, head to your Customers page and use one of the options under "Bring in external data"!

Net MRR Churn

We've just rolled out a new metric: Net Revenue Churn!

Net Revenue Churn is the measure of lost revenue from cancellations and downgrades after factoring in new revenue from existing customers (i.e. upgrades / expansion). It shows revenue churn minus expansion.

It’s possible to end up with a net negative revenue churn rate. This happens when the expansion MRR for the month exceeds the churn MRR (including cancellations and downgrades).

How it’s calculated

(Churned MRR - Expansion MRR) ÷ Starting MRR 30 days ago x 100

Control Center Breakdown & Live Stream

We've just rolled out a new Breakdown module for the Control Center!

In the top right, you'll see an overview of revenue activity for a specified timeframe, giving you quick access to revenue and customer movement!

We've also redesigned the Live Stream to be more concise and easier to scan, giving you faster access to more information.


"Are my metrics normal?” “How am I doing compared to other SaaS companies?” “Is our churn high for our price point?” There are an endless number of questions businesses have that ultimately boil down to, “is this par for the course?”

We now answer those questions with the newly launched Benchmarks!

We’ve anonymized, aggregated and averaged data across nearly 1,000 small and medium sized SaaS companies to give you insights in to just how you’re doing compared to similar companies!

Get started now!

New Segmentation Attributes

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Segmentation release, we've just added 10 new attributes for you to segment on!

  • Company: Industry Group
  • Company: Industry
  • Company: Sub Industry
  • Company: City
  • Company: State
  • Company: Estimated Annual Revenue
  • Company: Twitter Follower Count
  • Person: Employment Role
  • Person: Employment Seniority
  • Person: Twitter Follower Count

We've got more coming as well! If there are any in particular you'd like to see, just let us know!


We've just launched a major new addition to the Baremetrics suite of tools: Segmentation!

Segmentation gives you the ability to dig deep in to your data in ways that were previously impossible and is a major step towards being able to use Baremetrics to answer any questions you have about your business.

Segmentation starts out in the Customers area, where you build up segments based on dozens of available customer attributes.

From there, you can then use those Segments as a lens for many other parts of your data including all of your subscription metrics, MRR Growth and Churn Cohort tables.

This is a feature where the possibilities are actually limitless. Nearly any question you have about your customers and data can be answered with Segmentation.

Suggested workflow

  1. Start in the Customers area and set a few attributes you're curious about.
  2. Right away many questions can be answered instantly with the live metrics that show up on the Customers results.
  3. If more depth is needed, simply save the Segment and then go view the data via the Compare Segments button at the top of any metric.

A few ideas

  • Compare LTV of B2B vs B2C customers
  • Breakout MRR based on Country
  • View Churn based on amount of funding received
  • See how much MRR is tied up in delinquent customers
  • View delinquency based on free email address usage
  • Compare LTV based on business sector (health care, energy, IT, etc)

Again, the possibilities around this are infinite!

Design refresh

We've just rolled out a refresh to the Baremetrics app! This is the first step towards making the app more readable and easier to navigate. Let us know what you think!

New Quick Ratio Metric

We've just added a new Quick Ratio metric!

Quick Ratio is the measurement of your company's growth efficiency. How reliable can you grow revenue given your current churn rate?

To calculate your Quick Ratio you simply divide new MRR by lost MRR. The higher the ratio, the healthier the growth is at the company.

To put it in a formula: Quick Ratio = (New MRR + Expansion MRR) / (Contraction MRR + Churned MRR)

You can read more about Quick Ratio, how it can be helpful for your company and a lot more in our Academy article on the topic.

Churn Update

Customers who sign up and cancel within the same 30 day window are now included in your churn rate. For most companies, this results in only a minor increase in the reported churn rate.

For a deeper dive, have a look at the retention table. The 0 column shows for each month what percentage of sign ups have remained a customer.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Baremetrics will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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